International WePark Day and Founding Team

International WePark Day

WePark started 10 days ago and since we've seen 5+ WePark events, 100+ people joining our email list and Slack group, and articles covering WePark around the world.

There's a fork in front of us. Either, WePark’s 15 minutes of fame ends as a fun experiment or WePark becomes a sustainable movement that improves cities around the world.

WePark resonates with people who see a future with better cities. The events we throw now will establish WePark as a sustainable movement for years to come.

To keep the ball rolling, we are planning an International WePark day where we will have WePark events all over the world. We've already hit 5+ cities and 2 continents, so our goals are:

  • 1 day

  • 3+ continents

  • 10+ cities

  • 100+ participants

  • Coverage in every big publication

The International WePark day will be at the end of May / beginning of June.

Founding Team

We are building a founding team to throw events, organize online, and advocate for better cities.

  • City Organizers — Be the point person for your city, develop a local community, publicize events

  • Social Media — Run our Twitter, Instagram and other accounts.

  • Webmaster — Update website with events, blog posts, send email, etc

Send us an email at if you are interested in any of these roles.