What if we used parking for… anything else?


The Beginning — Last Thursday

Victor took a table and chair and worked out of a parking spot for a day.

The goal is to show that we use prime real estate in our cities for cars. How can we rethink streets to make them safe, pleasant and fun?

He posted about it on Twitter and it seemed to strike a chord.

Across Street.JPG

Monday — San Francisco, Tolouse and Santa Monica

On Monday, we had three separate WePark events — in Tolouse, France; Santa Monica; and a group event in San Francisco.

Soon people will be hosting WePark events in a city near you.


Stay informed


Upcoming WePark meetups

We would love to see people creatively repurposing parking all over the world.

Get involved and get in touch. We can provide tips / tricks and highlight you on our Blog / Instagram / TikTok / Myspace!